Johnson & Johnson’s Colombia has a number of employee incentive and rewards programs.
One of these is called Gracias, which aims at co-workers appreciating each other’s work and rewarding those who have done an excellent job with certain bonuses. Our job was to create a system which could make the entire process more seamless and dynamic.
We came up with a website which would connect all the employees and give them the chance to pick who they wanted to say thank you to, get the necessary approvals and make the appreciated employees be rewarded for their outstanding job.
Although at first the system was thought to be needed as a standalone app, we later decided that the best solution was if it worked as a website, so that it could be accessed on any web brower and across all devices. It was desinged to be fully responsive.
Account Executive: Sandra Jimenez
Project Manager: Jairo Villamizar
Copywriter: Juan David Vásquez
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